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Monday, March 19, 2012

Internet Marketing Strategies #3: Online Video Marketing

None of the other Internet marketing strategies have the ability to produce a message as clear and concise as online video marketing.  YouTube, which is owned by Google is the second largest search engine online.  Keep in mind YouTube is a Social Network so remember your Social Media Marketing Plan.  Articles are limited in truly conveying the emotion of the message, so people are turning to online video marketing to relay the messages needed for success.

However, before you go flocking to your webcam for that "Award Winning Presentation" there are a few things you should be aware of.  Since YouTube is owned by Google and gets over 800 million unique users each month it makes sense to use their services.  But keep in mind that there are many other  video sharing websites out there to get your message across. Remember, viral marketing is all about getting your message in front of as many eyes as possible.

When creating your video keep your audience in mind.  Try to make your message clear, concise, and to the point without being pushy or commercial.  Many of your audience will be mobile users therefore you want to make sure your video can be viewed on any format as well as mobile devices.

      Make sure you do your Organic Search Engine Optimization. Videos are now searchable just like any article or website, so make sure you have your relevant keywords.  Make sure the keyword you want to be ranked for is first in your title. YouTube only shows the first few lines of your description before you have to click the "show more" button.  Therefore, when filling out the description make sure the URL linking back to your website is the first thing to appear.  Use the full amount for your description because search engine spiders can crawl it so make sure you fill it with keyword rich content.

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