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Friday, January 6, 2012

Top 5 Internet Marketing strategies #2: Blogging

One of the great internet marketing strategies is Blogging.    Most internet gurus tend to leave out blogging in their internet marketing strategies.  It could be because there is a little work behind it.  But blogging is definitely something you should do when trying to grow your eBusiness.  It does take a bit of time but the rewards are priceless.

When starting a blog you will want to take into consideration the design of your blog.  What type of experience will your readers have?  If you are using a free blog site such as Blogger, templates are provided for you.  Just choose one that is professional and that matches the theme of your blog.  There are many plug-ins available for better functionality but keep in mind having  too many "extras" will create longer than normal load times.  Most of your readers will simply not read your blog if it takes too long to load.

Before creating content for your blog you will want to find the right keywords for your niche.  If you are unsure about keyword research take a look at my post organic search engine optimization.   Choosing keywords that are most frequently searched, relevant to your post, and have low competition is a great way to optimize your blog.

Now that you have found your keywords, it is time to pick your title.  You will want to pick the keyword you have the best chance of Ranking for.  Your title should be two part.  The first part should be your keyword and the second part is to intrigue the reader.

Now that you have a title that will pull in your reader and keywords sure to get you locked in on the first page of Google it's time for some killer content.  Think of what your target audience might need to know and might interest them.  Never post just to post.  Always make sure your content is of  high quality.  Remember, you are branding yourself as a leader in your field and if you start posting garbage you will soon find your following thinning out.

 Your readers come to you because you are giving away free information that they need.  They in turn will want to "pay it forward" by sharing it with their friends, who share it with their friends who... you get the point. This is called Viral Marketing.  You will want to make it as easy as possible for your readers to share your content by adding share widgets.   There are many different widgets available  I like using "add this" I have no particular reason I just do. Using share widgets makes it easy for your readers to share your great content on a number of social networks such as Facebook, twitter, Delicious, Digg and many others.

You definitely want to set  your blog up for Content syndication by setting up Your RSS feeds.  RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication.  Once your RSS feed is placed, it automatically syndicates your content for you.  Which brings me to my next point.  Update your blog on a regular basis. Give your readers a reason to continue coming back.

  In this post I have given you # 2 of my Internet marketing Strategies, I have also talked about Viral Marketing and content syndication but you must understand the most important aspect of this is Trust.  Give your readers a reason to trust you and they will have a reason to check out what you have.

"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want" Zig Ziglar

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

visualization techniques: What is your focus?

If you focus on "lack" your life will be filled with lack.  It is not your "lack of" that is the problem.  It is your dwelling and focus on the lack which creates the problem.  What ever you place your focus on your subconscious will try to fulfill.  If you dwell on lack of money your subconscious will repel money from you because it feels as if that is something that you do not want.  The same goes for relationships and success.  However if you dwell on abundance, that is what your subconscious will strive for.  That is why I use "visualization techniques"  to help propel me towards success.  It consists of thinking of positive things such as my dream house and my dream cars, the schools I want to open and the checks that I will write for recreation centers and other things that my business will afford me.  I also have a vision board which contains images of those things so that I have a constant reminder of where my focus should be. 

Now many of you may call me materialistic for wanting such things and say that you only want the simple things in life.  If all you want out of life is to get out of debt and maybe have a few dollars left over after you pay your bills then great for you.  Only you can decide where your focus lies.  I can't call you selfish for not wanting to make enough money to where you can open up homeless shelters or write a check for the full amount to open  a center for battered woman.  No it is not my place to say that because those are my goals.  Those are the things that help me to continue working when my friends want me to come out and party.  You have to crate your own focus and visualization techniques.  I have someone that I mentor whose dream is to take his wife on a 2 week vacation and to make up for lost time with his children.  So I instructed him to place those things on his Vision board.  He has images of cars on his board as well because those help him to focus on making his business better so that he can afford to buy them for his children.

That is what he needed for his life.  You have to decide what will motivate you to continuously strive to make your business better.  Think of the man riding the donkey with the carrot.  No I am not calling you a donkey but the image of it works as one of my visualization techniques.  The man needs to get to a destination and he knows that the donkey likes carrots so he places it just out of reach so that the donkey will keep striving forward towards the destination. When the destination is reached the donkey gets the carrot.  Such as when you reach your goals in business you should reward yourself with those things placed on your vision board.  Does it make sense?

I understand that this may be a lot harder than I make it seem that is why I extend my helping hand to you.  I will give you a free copy of Michael Dlouhy's book "Success in 10 steps"  Its over in the column to the left.  Just click on the image and let me know where to send it.  Then after you read it I can help you get on the "30 day mental cleanse" .   There are a lot of things that will distract you from your goals such as the news, gossup, and tv in general.  But if you are networking with like minded individuals and learning "how to think"  you can dispel those distracting thoughts so that you can achieve success.  To quote Jackie Chan in "The Karate Kid" "Your focus needs more focus". So now that you are finished reading this post I thank you for your time, I hope it helped and don't forget to get your free copy of success in 10 steps today.

Obstacles are those frightful things you notice when you take your eyes off your goal. ~ Henry Ford