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Thursday, June 30, 2011

No one can raise to low expectations!

No matter what your background, color, sex, creed, or financial situation may be, your previous failures in business are not your fault!  It's simply that no one ever told you what you were capable of.  All of your life you were only told what you could not do.

Allow me to tell you a story.  On a bright sunny day I decided to get  the oil in my car changed.  As I sat in the waiting room I saw a mother with her pre-teen daughter and toddler son.  It was mid September however upon the wall hung a Christmas decoration.  Now  I tried to focus on the self help book I was reading.  However, the child jumping for all his worth to reach this ornament caught my attention. For some strange reason I was fascinated by this child.  A smile came across my face as I watched pure innocence.

Then from nowhere I heard something very disturbing coming from his sister. The one charged with helping him to grow.  Bear in mind I take nothing away from the parent.  However, the old adage tells us that it takes a village to raise a child

Interrupting me for the second time was a voice pertaining not to me saying "You Will never reach it. No matter how high you jump".  Needless to say I was heart broken.  Not for myself, but for that child. Because first i realized that "THE DEVIL IS A LIAR"!  Secondly I realized that the message given to him was one of many that would steal from him the natural power that God gave him.

At that moment I realized that it would become embedded in him that no matter how hard he tried he would never reach his goals in life.

Think for a moment those individuals that did this to you. Okay that was to much time.  I am a firm believer that the only reason to look at the past is for laughs and lessons.  What have you learned from this look at your past?

SB Fuller's mother told him. "Do not blame God because we are poor.  We are poor because your father never had the desire to be rich".

Do you have that desire?  Maybe your desire is only to afford you to quit your job.  Remember your vision is not in danger of being too big.  Only in danger of being to small.

Whatever in life you have wanted and not received is only because someone talked you out of it.  If you would like to learn how to clean out the clutter in your mind please contact me so that I can get you on a mental cleanse where you can get rid of the stinking thinking and gain the glory of being the king or queen that God called you to be.  In the mean time please accept SUCCESS IN TEN STEPS as my free gift for taking the time to read my blog. Have a blessed day

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Time management- putting the big rocks in first.

One of my mentors told me a story one day that really got me to thinking.  He told the story of a professor who was teaching his class about time management.  The professor got the attention of his class with a demonstration.  He placed a jar on his desk and filled it with rocks.  Then he asked his class "Is the jar filled?"  The class said "yes!"  "Really?"  He asked

Then he reached under his desk and grabbed a bucket of pebbles and proceeded to pour them in.  He filled it up and  shook it a little to allow the pebbles to settle in the crevices between the rocks.  Again he asked his class "Is the jar full?"  In unison the class responded "Yes!"  "Nope" He said "Not yet".  

Then he produced a bucket of sand and proceeded to pour the sand into the jar filling it to the rim.  Then he stopped to ask his class again.  "Now is it full?"  after a moments hesitation a few members of the class said "No".  "Now you're thinking" He told his class.

He produced a glass of water and poured it into the jar until it almost overflowed.  Looking up at his class he asked "What is the purpose of this illustration?"   One very eager student raised his hand and said "No matter how busy you think your schedule is, there's always room for more".

"Unfortunately" The instructor said "No, the purpose of this demonstration is that if you do not put the big rocks in first they will never fit".

When I heard this story I was astonished. I felt a light go off.  To have the essence of time management explained so simply was a great revelation to me.  Now for those of you that have never heard this story or may not understand, let me explain.  The big rocks are a metaphor for the major projects you have in your life.  That great idea you have for creating a business, product, maybe writing an ebook, or any major thing that propels you forward.

The  pebbles represent your job and the things that put food on your table.  Yes this is important but I want you to look at the ceiling on your job.  How far can you go before you reach the height of what they will pay you?  Does your job provide you the lifestyle you dream of?  Will it afford you wealth for your future generations?  Don't get me wrong I'm not telling you to quit your job.  You have to keep your job so that you can pay your bills until your business will.  It is said that any business that you work less than 20 hours a week (after work) is a hobby.

The sand represents your day to day activities.  Now of course picking the kids up, doing the shopping, and running your errands must be done however realize that if you put the necessary effort into YOUR BUSINESS it will free up more time for those things.

The water is your entertainment.  The things that don't really matter. The news, the ball game, those dreaded reality shows. Anything of minimal importance that you use to entertain yourself.  You have to take time away sometimes for yourself otherwise you go crazy. But realize that these activities take time away from your wealth creation.  Sacrificing a little water now will give you rivers later.

Please enjoy this video of Stephen Covey demonstrating this principle. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reciprocity- How it can help your mlm companies and other business.

Reciprocity refers to responding to a positive action with another positive action, It sounds like the reverse of Karma huh? When ever we think of Karma we think of those that have messed over us and Karma is that retribution that will get them back for us, right Well in thinking that way I want you to remember that Karma doesn't need any help. You helping Karma only makes Karma's job harder. ( I hope you understand that) 

But here I strive only for positivity so I will tell you how reciprocity can help you in business. We live in a technological society therefore most people look for their daily dose of information from the internet. Whether it be from their favorite news site, discussion board, your blog or any other medium of information.  

The bottom line is that people spend a lot of time on the internet looking for good information. Is the information that you put out good? Of course you would say so. But what about others? Do they think so? How do you know? Generally you will know that others like your content because they "share" it. Which just means that they have taken the time to let the people they connect with know about it. 

Face book and Twitter are social networks that gain a lot of exposure. A "like" on Facebook or a "tweet" on Twitter can very easily become a catalyst for a message to go viral (an object or pattern that is able to induce some agents to replicate it, resulting in many copies being produced and spread around). Just think of what it would mean for your business if you were able to create a message or campagne that went viral. 

Many things go viral on the internet that no one expected would. But what if you wanted to get the word out about your product, service, or expertise about a certain topic. How would you begin your "Viral campagne"? Post it all over your face book wall, maybe bug your friends and family, blast it on twitter for the whole world to see? That sounds good... But...I know that word comes down like a hammer however let's be realistic here. Even if you have a vast following on Facebook and twitter how many of them will read it and share with others? And besides SPAM sucks. 

The word we are looking for here is syndication. Content syndication to be exact. Wikipedia calls it a relatively cheap, free and easy form of advertisement. It takes some work. But if you are diligent it can quickly help you move up the ranks to get towards that coveted 1st page on Google. 

So how do you create content syndication? Well first, and I cannot stress this enough you must have great content. If you are not putting out good quality information why are you doing it? Just to get a quick sale? Well, then I'm not talking to you. I have a parting gift for you before you leave though. Please read Success in 10 steps and contact me when you are serious. But for those serious about making a change, it's all about networking. 

To become successful you must network. I'll talk more about this in a later blog but for now lets look at the networks you belong to. I'll assume you are familiar with Facebook and Twitter. But do you know about Digg, Stumble upon,delicious and the many other social bookmarking sites? A social bookmarking site is basically a place where you can organize your favorite websites.  

The great thing is that these sites will create whats called a back link to you blog or website. I'll get to back links in another blog post but if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. Many people have created syndication networks where your post can be read and shared by many others. If this interests you please let me know so that I can help you get your QUALITY content shared. 

This is reciprocity at its finest. You read great content and want to share it with others and in return the others will want to share your content because it creates value. And Value is what we all want.  

If before reading this blog your main goal was just to get the sale and you have found yourself tagging your friends every other week with the "next big thing" please take the time to read Success in ten steps and allow it to change your life. Don't worry it's not another book that tells you what to think. It teaches you how to think so that you can become successful in any business. If you do not have a business you are in the right place because this book is a great place to start.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twitter marketing-What is a hash tag?

I hope your day is going great!  Today I want to speak to you about Twitter Hash Tags.   Hash Tags are what is happening when you see the tic tac toe board looking thing on twitter.  It looks like #.  Now you may say to yourself  "oh yeah I've seen that. But what is it?"  Well the Twitter support website says Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.  It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Since Twitter is a great business tool Hash tags are great for business as well.  When you place a Hash tag you are saying this is the keyword that I'm speaking about.  When someone searches for that keyword it brings up all of the tweets categorized by that keyword. If enough people use that particular hash tag then it becomes a trend topic.

These tags are great because if someone pulls up the tweets with that keyword and they pull  up your tweet you might just find yourself with another follower who might read your information and share it with others which is great for viral marketing and content syndication.

Today (well June 25) marked the 2nd anniversary of Michael Jackson's death.   So you can imagine there was a lot of tweeting  going on concerning him.  People talking about his songs, dance moves, or how he affected thier lives.  A tweet might look like "We miss you Mike you will always be the #kingofpop!" So the hash tag is "king of pop" and if you were to do a search on twitter you will pull up those posts tagged #kingofpop

There are a few things to remember when creating tags. 1) Just like article marketing your keywords should be relevant to your tweet.  2)  If your profile is public  your tag will show up when someone searches that keyword.  Clicking on a hashtagged word in a message will show you tweets in that category.  3) The tag can be placed anywhere within the tweet.  4) Something that I did not mention. In any online marketing effort SPAM is bad. Therefore, you want to limit your tags per tweet to 3

So take the time to include Hash Tags in your twitter marketing campagne and watch your followers grow!

The third party site offers an overview of popular hash tags used on Twitter. Find out about trends, look at small, pretty graphs, and search to see if the hashtags of your fantasies exist.

Business: #jobs, #business, #networking, #retail, #shoppers, #consumer, #sales, #economy, #technology, #luxury, #news, #internet, #mktg, #marketing, #webmarketing

Celebrities: #50cent, #aplusk, #bieber, #britneyspears, #charliesheen, #ladygaga, #obama, #oprah, #osama, #perezhilton, #ryanseacrest, #the_real_shaq, #theellenshow

Education: #edapp, #edtech, #education, #elearning, #lrnchat, #mlearning, #teachers

Environment / Justice: #humanrights, #poverty, #hunger, #aid, #sustainability, #health, #green, #eco, #earthtweet, #humantrafficking, #climate, #solar, #fairtrade

Social Change: #socialgood, #cause, #volunteer, #4change, #giveback, #dogood, #crisiscommons

TV Entertainment: #bones, #dwts, #glee, #gossipgirl, #graysanatomy, #idol, #lrnchat, #mlearning, #sharktank, #survivor, #teachers, #theoffice, #thevoice, #xfactor

Sorry the tags arent live but if youre interested in one of them just go to

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Hardest Part is to Start!

Newtons Law of Motion states that objects in motion tend to stay in motion while objects at rest tend to stay at rest. This state changes when an external force is applied to it either stopping or starting it's motion

 When  ever something is being pushed or pulled the hardest struggle is to get it moving. once it gets moving momentum starts to pick up and makes the job easier. If it has wheels it begins to coast toward your destination. In the case of a snowball rolling down hill you can either roll with it or run out the way.

Most people want to create a better life for themselves and their families by starting a business.
Realizeing that their day to day efforts at the 9 to 5 serve only to create more wealth for the boss.
This is beautiful. Having the state of mind to put forth the effort to create wealth for oneself is very admirable.

But fear kicks in and the object is never put into motion. I have a saying that I like to tell people. It says
"The same wall that you build to keep out hurt is the same wall that keeps out happiness". I've always used this to relate to relationships however it applies here as well. The fear of failure or not being good enough keeps people  from stepping out on faith and changing the quality of their lives

What those people do not realize is that by not pursuing those dreams they have already failed. By not pursuing that business idea you have failed yourself and your family. Three of the top excuses are  1) I cannot afford it.2) I don't have the time.  3)I don't know anything about business. Those seem to be very good reasons.

 But I say 1)your lack of finance is the reason for you to create wealth. 2) Once your business is up running and successful you will have more time for your family and hobbies because eventually you will be able to quit your 9 to 5 and set your own hours. 3) All the training you need is at your disposal on the internet.

If you believe you you can do it you are right. But if you believe you can't do it you are also right. Your success depends on you taking that first step. So ask your self whats holding you back. What is so important in your life that you chose not to make sure that your family never has to worry about money. Saving up for your kids education? Well, starting a business can make sure that your children's children are set for life. Thats my goal. yours may be different. You might want a shiny new car or your dream house or what ever reason you may have you can do it. But you have to take the first step and decide you want change!

In his speech on Febuary 5, 2008 president Barack Obama said "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek". and former president Bill Clinton put it so greatly when he said "The price of doing the same old thing is far higher than the price of change".

No one can make you do it, you have to make the decision to change. But once that decision is made help is available to you. I read a book by Michael Dlouhy entitled SUCCESS IN TEN STEPS that changed my life. It made me rethink how I do business and it can be just as life changing for you as well if you let it. It is as simple as downloading it, reading it, and putting it to action. While reading it you wont find any ads claiming they can turn you into an overnight millionaire, or professing to be the next big thing.

Success in 10 steps teaches you how to think not what to think and works for any business. I am not charging you for this book. It is my gift to you for reading my blog as well as my first attempt in helping you to become successful. After reading it you can contact me if you have any questions or want to put together a game plan for your success. And I do all this for free on your time. So now that I've taken away the 3 excuses whats holding you back? Download your free copy of SUCCESS IN TEN STEPS today!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stress Management Techniques- Destress in 3 easy steps!

Some days running a home business can be extremely stressful, and others find you with tufts of  hair in your hands not to mention a head ache. However, to be successful in any business you must be able to deal with stress. A lot of things happen when you become stressed. Besides your heart rate going up, your blood vessels dilate and with a decrease in metabolism, extra glucose surges into your blood steam. Another chemical produced is called cortisol which has recently been identified as possibly causing weight to pile on around your midsection.

Ever heard the expression "leave your troubles at the door"? Well learning to do this is key in business. When you are stressed or upset your body and mind do not function correctly. If you cannot function correctly how do you expect your business to be successful? So the ability to instantly destress is crucial to success

But fear not I have a simple tip to help you destress so that your business doesn't end up becoming a mess.This technique is best done when you are alone and away from distractions. However I have been in a crowded room and achieved relaxation using stress management techniques. Everyone looked at me as if I lost my mind.But I was able to destress and that's what matters

First thing to do is to close your eyes (after you finish reading this of course lol).
Then I want you to take deep calming breaths. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Make sure that these breaths are coming from deep within your diaphragm. Now as you breath in I want you to imagine a  cloud of pure white smoke entering your body. Allow it to fill your body from feet to head. Take in this positive energy until it fills you completely. Then exhale out of your mouth. Imagine a black smog of negative energy leaving your body. Do this a minimum of three times and "VOILĂ€" less stress and more time to focus on what matters. working on your successful business
so to recap:
1) Close your eyes.

2)Breath in through your nose imaging a pure white cloud of positive energy filling you from feet to head.

3)Breath out through your mouth releasing the negative energy that's holding you back. Just follow these stress management techniques and you can destress yourself and focus more.