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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Being Coachable - Guaranteeing success in your mlm companies

MLM companies can provide some of the most satisfying and rewarding careers available.  If done properly it can be extremely profitable while allowing you to set your own schedule which means more time to spend with family, friends, and hobbies.  However I must tell you Network Marketing is not for everyone.  Some people just aren't coachable.  In this business you may have to unlearn what you have been taught or what misconceptions you may  have about direct selling.

It is imperative in Mlm companies that you are coachable.  Someone that believes they know everything and that there is nothing that anyone can teach them is not very coachable.  Let's look a little deeper into this.

If you can handle failure well (by accepting fault and not blaming others) and are willing to try agin until you get it right.
If you keep striveing to learn new and innovative ways to grow your business.
If you welcome feedback AND do not get defensive when people give you constructive critisism or disagree with you.
If you can realize and openly discuss your strengths and weaknesses.
If you are willing to apply the lessons and ideas that you recieve from others.
If you actually are willing to seek out others to learn those things that you do not know.
If you agree with these statements then you are definitely coachable

For the majority of people finding themselves stuck in their mlm companies and not going anywhere it is most often because of pride.  Pride is a great thing to have in your self and your accomplishments.  However, when pride gets in the way of your forward motion it becomes counter productive.

When you will not accept ideas from other people.
When you will not accept criticsm no matter how constructive it is.
When you have a burning need to be right all the time.
When you place a wall up to guard against the ideas of others.
When you feel as if you can do it all by yourself and do not need input from anyone.
When you do not realize and are not willing to discuss your weaknesses.
When you are not interested in being coached you are definitely not coachable.

If you fit more into the coachability list then great for you, you are going to go far in this industry.  However if you fit more into the selfish list of the second, all is not lost, you can still make a successful career in network marketing.  However you have a long road to go.  You must learn to listen twice as much as you talk. It is for this reason we have two ears and one mouth.

If you have a wanting to be coachable and/or want success in your mlm companies you can start by reading the free ebbok Success IN 10 Steps by clicking the link on the left.  It gives you a great foundation by teaching you how to think not what to think.  The great thing about this book is that it will work in any business.  BUT we won't stop there in keeping up with coachability I will take it two steps further by providing you with mentorship and training at no cost to you CLICK HERE

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Look Ma it's so shiny!

Have you or anyone you know been affected by "Shiny Object Syndrome"?  It's a condition where you spend hours of your precious time and tons of money looking for the "Next Big Thing

How many programs have you joined that promised if you join and pay a few hundred dollars you can sit back, log on each day, press a button, and you can make thousands of dollars in thirty days?

After you joined were you told that you had to buy some product that was a must have. After buying that you were shown some software that you had to buy to put your business on autopilot?

How did that work for you?  My best bet is that it didn't.  So after the second or third month you got out of it (hopefully) and thought yourself a failure.  You are not a failure and it is not your fault that you were not successful in that business.  It was not meant for you to be successful only to leave you broke.  I have driven down this path and many others like it in search for "The Next Big Thing".

Many entreprenuers have quit before they had a chance because they ran into this type of scam or were left to broke to go on.  I was not one of them.  I knew there was a legit way to make money online.  So I set off to find free ways to make money. Sounds better huh? I had no chance of loseing money so I had nothing to worry about right?  Wrong.  I lost something more valuable than money.  I lost time.  I was downloading every thing I could find, signing up to get emails from everyone that claimed to know what they were talking about.  This lead to information overload. Not to mention all the space it was taking up on my hard drive.

I've learned a lot over the years.  Now I've found that I have to unlearn those things and learn the proper way.  Many of those tips were outdated or unduplicatable. The changing point in my life was finding a mentor.  She offered me mentoring for free as well as access to a team of professionals with integrity.

So if you have ever fallen for scams of any kind or just want to avoid being scammed read Success in 10 steps and allow it to open your eyes so that you will never be scammed again.  Also if youre looking for mentorship and training it will be provided to you at no cost.

So stop mining for fools gold and try what works

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mentors your partners for success

No matter what your business is, whether it is mlm companies, affiliate marketing, online or off line, a mentor is needed for success.  It is said that we learn from mentorships and mistakes.  A lot of successful people have "failed their way to success". There is nothing at all wrong with making mistakes as long as you learn and grow from them.  However, mistakes can be very costly.  The time wasted on doing it the wrong way then unlearning it to learn the correct way makes the journey to success a very lengthy one.  The mistakes you make can also put a hefty hole in your business account. 

Of course, if you realistically have a vision for your success you must fund this vision.  Having a mentor can help make sure you spend money on those things needed to ensure your success and not every internet guru's next big thing.  I know when I first started my online business my desk top was cluttered with every e-book, wealth report, video series, or anything and anything else I could get my hands on. I spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of nights at my computer looking for that next big thing that would ensure my success.

Until one day my life changed.  I was on a social network and came across a lady by the name of Terri Pattio.  After reading her profile and finding out that she helps people like me I was elated.  The thing that really caught my attention was that she said she was a mentor with a servant's heart.  But best of all she offered MENTORING FOR FREE.  This was unheard of to me.  Every internet guru I ran across charged thousand of dollars to offer their help.

You may think you know all there is to know about business. But there is always someone that can help.  If you have all the info and you are successful then this post isn't really for you.  However, you may think about doing some mentoring yourself. There are a lot of people out there that could use your help.  No matter what your business is there is someone for you.  Please do not be afraid to ask for help.  I have actually included a link where you can actually talk to a mentor.  I believe I have the greatest mentor in the world and if you would like to meet her you can.  She's the lovely lady in the picture you see.  Just click on her name Terri Pattio and let her know I sent you.